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Advanced Recruiting


**Are you an athlete in high school?****Aspiring to play college sports?**
**Are you sure you are on the right track to becoming a college athlete?**
Advanced Recruiting focuses in creating a lasting relationship among families and academic institutions. Advanced Recruiting simplifies the college recruiting process and provides guidance to college-bound student-athletes embarking on their quest for lifetime success.
Through our smartphone-based application, you will find the NCAA Eligibility process effortless and speedy. Advanced Recruiting consists of the following:
**NCAA Guide - Yearly Requirements**Year-by-year guidance for college-bound student-athletes, including international students.
**Increasing Recruiting Skills**Tips and guidance on highlight videos that will impress coaches nationwide
**Maintaining GPA**Tips and suggestions on Grade Point Averages depending on which Division you plan to join
**NCAA Requirements**NCAA requirements change yearly so it is crucial to stay updated
**SAT/ACT Scores**Depending on which Division you plan to join, ACT/SAT scores vary. Find out what you need and when/where you can take each exam.
**GPA**Advanced Recruiting includes a GPA Calculator which helps students figure out their GPA by semester and find their required SAT or ACT score.
**​Recruiting Tips**Find out what coaches are looking for in a top player and get recruited
**There is an International Students section which helps guide international college-bound student-athletes through their NCAA eligibility process**
**If registering through Google, Facebook, or Twitter, the application will redirect you straight to the designated area**
**If registering through our own sign up, you will have to hit the Done button once you successfully sign up**